Canon Steals Video dSLR Spotlight With “Reverie”


Nikon what? When the D90 as announced, it looked like Nikon would one-up Canon. The manufacturer did a great job coming out with a demo video showing how video capturing works well with dSLR lens. They probably didn’t count on Canon have an answer.

So what Canon do to promote the 5D Mark II, its own video dSLR? It went all artsy-fartsy with its demo video—a surprisingly effective approach. Check out Reverie in all its relatively high-resolution glory here. Canon must also be happy that one of the video’s creators posted a “behind the scenes” clip here.

Amazingly, Canon was apparently with the 5D showcase—even if it made one its own camcorders look bad. As creator Vincent Laforet writes:

Keep in mind – this is raw footage (not RAW) from both Canon XH ʋ camcorder – and a few clips for the Canon EOS 5D MKII – you’ll see that the two are toe to toe (not really) on bright scenes… but in low light – NO COMPARISON… so I’m not sure of how Canon feels about my trashing their top of the line XH ʋ camcorder… but common sense leads me to state the following: if the Canon still camera team and the video team have come together to produce the Canon EOS 5D MKII – the next HD camcorder they come out with – may just floor us all… these are very exciting times – to be someone who focuses on “creating” as opposed to the “process” and “technique” of making your vision match the “reality” of the tools you have at your disposal.

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